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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Paragon the yacht

Here is Paragon at her first spot on the hardstand at Tauranga Bridge Marina, and Rob having his first (of many) climb across the top. Paragon is a Stewart 34 with a centre cockpit and a 2 metre scoop added on which looks great - thanks to Alex McNab who has put many hours of hard work into her already. Now it's up to Rob and I to carry on the job and make her sailable. We have a long way to go but will keep you informed of progress as time allows. We think she's going to be great. Thanks to all of you who have helped us get her this far already - Doug the truckdriver, Bruce at Bridge Marina Travellift and all the rest of you who have encouraged us - we'll probably need a lot more of it over the next few months but it's a start.


Abs said...

Dearest Sharon,
I think it would have to be the most beautiful boat I have ever seen and am fully prepared to enjoy many hours of sailing when it is day. If you need any help masking or anything else I'm your girl!

Sharon and Rob Harper said...

Thanks Abs - your help as an expert boat masker and unmasker will be very much appreciated. Bob Newcombe has offered to give us a quote for the paint job. The keel is being dropped today so it will be easier for us all to stand around standing the hull, and easier to climb up and down to the cabins and cockpit. Current thinking is black and white for colour schemes.

Nikki, William and Gab De Heart said...

Hey Sharon and Rob,
Back on Kauai. William says the way we are going we will be sailing on your boat soon enough. All is well here on Kauai. Back working at the hospital. William building houses, right now for my parents, later for others. Gab is back in high school. Juana Lucina is in Bali on a mooring, waiting patiently for us. Love to all Nikki, William and Gab s/v Juana Lucina

Nikki, William and Gab De Heart said...

PS. Congratulations on the boat. Excellent to hear about it. What is estimated "in water" time??

Aloha Nikki